Whether you need floor protection in kitchens, entranceways, bathrooms, factories or more, 3M has you covered. The industry leader in developing safe, ergonomic floor solutions, 3M offers a range of 3M Safety-Walk Economy Matting with options for different needs. Made from tough and durable natural rubber, 3M Safety-Walk Economy Matting options provide both comfort and anti-slip resistance. The mats are available in multiple different textures, from bubble-like dome shapes, to open hole construction and even an economy ute liner. Additionally, the mats are designed to be light-weight and easy to clean for optimal ease of use. With 3M Safety-Walk Economy Matting, you can make any job safe and worry-free.

“Providing a safe workplace environment is the responsibility and focus for many of our customers,” said a 3M representative. “Floor safety is a considerable component of a workplace safety program. The 3M Safety-Walk Economy Matting range provides our customers with multiple options for increasing the slip resistance of an existing floor by providing better traction or by aiding with the removal of water from the floor surface. In addition to the safety benefits many of the products provide cushion comfort for workers on their feet for long hours which assists with fatigue reduction.”

For more information about 3M Matting products or the extensive range of other 3M cleaning and workplace safety solutions, visit www.3M.com/au.


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