Your Association’s defence of the penalty rate reduction on Sundays should not be underestimated

The Association’s successful defence of the penalty rate reduction on Sundays was vitally important. Not only does this decision save around $120 million in wages on Sundays, it proves that the Fair Work Commission decision to overturn the original Award Review was right. This decision vindicated the Association’s actions during the 2012 Award Review to mount a serious effort to demonstrate the failure of the Award to meet the needs of a modern industry. The huge amount of evidence, the research and the very large legal costs were supported by the NSW Business Chamber, for which the industry should be most grateful.

R&CA has had three significant wins in relation to the Restaurant Award in the last five years. The establishment of the award itself (against the weight of argument to establish a Hospitality-wide award), with concessional conditions, the penalty rate reduction and the successful defence on the Union appeal are very significant wins. These are only possible as a result of a strong, cohesive, national Association. Thanks to all of those members who supported this effort through providing the decision to proceed and the evidence required to run the cases.

John Hart
CEO, Restaurant & Catering


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