The origins of the humble Hollandaise Sauce go way, way back. In fact, all the way to the Middle Ages. Yes, the name has got French written all over it, but it’s the Dutch who get the gong for this one. Or at least a version of what it is today.

It all began with a simple recipe of butter, egg yolks, lemon juice, salt, white pepper, vinegar, water and some cayenne pepper.

The trick of course is in the technique. A nimble hand beating the egg yolks over a simmering water bath whilst slowly mixing in melted butter and making sure you don’t end up with a scrambled googy mess.

What you should have is a rich, light creamy and heavenly drizzle that turns the everyday egg into a culinary piéce de résistance. Your sauce should have a lustre, be lemon-yellow in colour and satin, silky smooth.

You might add a touch of Dijon or garnish some finely chopped chives, but your Hollandaise should be a finely balanced finish with buttery notes, a twinkle of lemon and flavoursome egg yolks.

Generously poured over a gooey poached egg, thinly shaved warmed ham atop a lightly toasted English muffin and your day is off to a sterling start.

All very good but, just the same, it can also go very pear shaped in the blink of an eye. One wrong move and you can be left with a grainy, oily, eggy disaster that’s best served to your bin.

Plating up an Eggs Benedict that’s anything less than delicious simply isn’t going to cut it with your customers, let alone for your business with 5 other hungry paying mouths waiting at their tables who suddenly also have a hankering to start their day the Benedict way.

Starting again from scratch simply isn’t an option you can afford. But reaching for Maggi’s brand new silky, smooth, ready-to-use Hollandaise Sauce is.

Paying homage to the original recipe, made from only the freshest locally produced ingredients and created by the hands of professional chefs, Maggi’s Hollandaise sauce tastes the way it should and behaves the way you want.

Simply warm it up, drizzle over your perfectly poached eggs and you’re ready to put up your plate and call service.

It’s a Hollandaise Sauce worth bottling. So, we did. It comes in an easy-to-squeeze, super-handy, 1 litre resealable, recyclable bottle.

The sauce doesn’t split. You can keep it warm for up to 4 hours in the bain-marie. It won’t go solid or gluggy in the fridge and you can keep it for 5 days after you’ve opened it. You can even heat it up in the microwave.

Maggi’s Hollandaise Sauce doesn’t’ finish work after the morning shift. It’s back on deck for lunch and dinner as the perfect accompaniment for asparagus, seafood and meats.

It’s more than handy to have in the kitchen. It’s a must have.

If you’d like to give your eggs the love they deserve and smother them with Maggi’s Hollandaise Sauce then go to for your free sample by getting in touch with your Nestle Professional representative on 1800 20 30 50 or your local distributor.

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