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Anchor cream cheese is the ideal ingredient in dessert recipes

cream cheeseThis article is sponsored content brought to you by Fonterra Foodservice.

From cheesecakes to lemon tarts, tiramisu to clafoutis, or as frosting atop eye-catching red velvet cake – cream cheese is a terrifically versatile ingredient and a key component of many popular dessert recipes.

In addition to its use in traditional favourites, you can also use cream cheese to add a contemporary twist to muffins, cookies, scones or banana bread – it truly is one of those ingredients whose only limit is that of the chef’s imagination.

And to ensure that the quality of your desserts meets the demanding expectations of your customers, be sure to choose a quality cream cheese – such as Anchor Cream Cheese from Fonterra Foodservice, which has been specially developed to meet the stringent requirements of the foodservice market.

Anchor Cream Cheese boasts a mild flavour, making it ideal for a range of both sweet and savoury applications. While it has a smooth, creamy texture, it also delivers the firmness you need to ensure that dishes which utilise it as an ingredient present as well as they taste.

Anchor Cream Cheese’s firmness provides it with excellent ‘holding power’ which means that when you’re using it to make a cheesecake it consistently delivers the required level of performance.

While Anchor Cream Cheese’s smoothness and ability to blend beautifully with other ingredients makes it the natural choice for numerous dessert recipes, its versatility means it is equally suitable for savoury as well as sweet dishes.

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