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The latest technologies continue to create exciting ways for hospitality owners to tailor and enhance the way they serve and interact with customers.

In recent years we’ve seen many changes to the way restaurants and cafes provide services to customers, including online bookings, options to order ahead of time, paying for orders using an app and in-seat kiosks for self-ordering and payment.

While business owners understand the need to innovate the dining experience, it can be difficult to know where to begin and how to integrate new technologies, making partnering with service providers such as point of sale vendors and banks essential.

ANZ has worked with leading POS vendors to build an end-to-end ecosystem for hospitality businesses, setting a standard in mobile payments after launching the secure payments system back in 2016.

ANZ BladePay™ is an Android™ based payment device and, together with the right POS vendor app, can allow hospitality businesses to take orders and payments, split bills, open new service lines and manage customer requests. With the right POS vendor app on ANZ BladePay™, hospitality businesses can:

• Take customer orders at the table, directly linking to the POS, sending orders straight to the kitchen, removing the need to go back and forth to the POS terminal

• Manage customer requests to split bills and make it easier for them to add a tip to their payment

• Easily open additional service lines by taking orders and payments away from the counter as customers queue

• Paperless transactions are also possible, with built-in SMS and email capabilities, sending receipts directly to the customer.

With ANZ BladePay™ integrated with the right POS vendor app, business owners can provide a truly seamless service to customers, from order through to payment, making for an improved dining experience and enabling restaurants to be more efficient.

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