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To coincide with International Orangutan Day earlier this month, the Orangutan Alliance, a not for profit organisation, announced it had completed new research showing the emergence of the ‘conscious consumer’.

The trend revealed that while value for money and quality was still an important choice for every day households, consumers are wanting transparency when it comes to the country of origin and ingredients used in the product.

The top five concerns for grocery buyers were: country of origin, presence of preservatives, artificial flavours, presence of palm oil and GMOs.

In addition, over 70 per cent of consumers believed a ‘no palm oil’ claim would impact their purchase decision with 45 per cent confirming they would be willing to pay up to 10 per cent more for a suitable product.

“Consumers are becoming more informed, socially aware and are starting to purchase based on values,” Maria Abadilla from the Orangutan Alliance said.

“Look at successful brands like Nuttvia, Melinda’s Gluten Free Goodies, Thank You and Planet Ark who are changing the brand economy and creating products that provide solutions for the consumers and the planet.”

The Orangutan Alliance mission is to promote ‘products created with care’ that do not contain non-sustainable palm oil in their production, through its Certification Program. Profits from this program go towards supporting projects including reforestation, and conservation in areas affected by non-sustainable palm oil.

The Orangutan Alliance also supports clear labelling of palm oil in all products to provide consumers purchase choice.


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