• Fee-relief to all affected restaurant industry customers
  • Intro 30 day payment terms 
  • Grants to host live music
  • Option to say ‘keep the change’ to our music creators 

Forced by government to close? You will soon see automatic fee-relief from OneMusic as a credit to your account. You will receive a note to show you how to spot the reduction in the next invoice you get. Of course, fee-relief for Victorian restaurateurs will be worked out once the re-opening pathway is clear.

If you have sat on your licence agreement, you won’t miss out on the fee-relief! Get your licence agreement completed and back to us – in the mail or online and we will still process the fee-relief everyone else is getting and send you a much smaller first invoice.

We have just introduced 30 day payment terms to help with cash flow. On top of this OneMusic is willing to listen to your circumstances and make allowances where needed.

Thanks in part to lobbying by the people behind OneMusic, the federal government will release $20 million to host live music in a four-year program called Live Music Australia. The first round of funding for the first $2.5 million closes 13 September – so get your application in R&CA members!

Catch a home-streamed live performance in lock down? We all did!

The wonderful backyard, lounge room and garage-based live performances by thousands of music creators have helped us to endure iso – even as our music creators took a huge cut to their income. 

In any given year, some 17,000 songwriters who live right here in Australia and NZ receive a share of royalties – your fees – for their songs being played live. With live music venues closed for months, you can see the impact this has on thousands of musicians’ lives.

There’s no Job Keeper for most arts and culture workers – music creators are small business owners and often casual workers  in your hospitality businesses too. Thankfully music will be there for us all in recovery.

Keep the change!

When you get your note from OneMusic you’ll have the option to say ‘keep the change’ and forgo the fee-relief. In the past few weeks many businesses have done just that to keep the music economy going. To Captain Bligh’s Brewstillery in Hobart, Hog’s in Woden, ACT and Outback Stores in NT and others just like you – we say thank you!

We all need to recover strongly and quickly: music customers and music creators whose labour-of-love songs are licensed by OneMusic Australia.

If you have questions about COVID-19 fee-relief, please contact OneMusic Australia at hello@onemusic.com.au or find out more.


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