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Today, business owners have to balance operating in a fiercely competitive market while managing an overwhelming number of data variables daily. Keeping track of customers, staff, products and possibly hundreds of daily transactions is difficult at the best of times.

Wading through mounds of this cluttered information to accurately draw out the significance behind these numbers can be an even more tedious and time consuming task. To make the situation more frustrating, most of the data analysis provides post-facto information, which impedes taking effective, problem-solving steps.

With this in mind, point-of-sale (POS) solution provider Fedelta has an innovative live Business Intelligence Dashboard tool. Fedelta’s visually rich, easy-to-use dashboards have been specifically designed to take the hard work out of reporting.

This powerful tool gathers and consolidates live data taken at the point of sale, and instantly transforms it into clear and concise charts.

At a glance, and without even having to run a report, owners can gain real time insights into their company’s performance, enabling them to make informed instant decisions to maximise profits.

Fedelta’s customised dashboards are a huge time saver. They show me minute-by-minute sales trends, costing and wages, which allows me to make critical business decisions with ease, so I can focus on what is important.”—Josh Bibby, general manager of The Coro, Brisbane

pont-of-sale solutions“We understand that the landscape of the hospitality industry is continually changing, so it is imperative that informed decisions are made quickly with real-time information. This is why we created a product that saves our customers time, and gives them the right information to make proactive business decisions,” says Alexander Cooke, Fedelta’s point of sale product development manager.

Fedelta dashboards provide the perfect balance of high-level information to detailed data when needed. Business owners can monitor key performance metrics that improve inventory turns, reduce out-of-stock occurrences, minimise shrinkage, optimise staffing levels, track and compare the performance of individual stores or areas within the venue, and profile their customer purchasing patterns. Business owners can also drill down into the details to identify the root causes of poor performance, or to accelerate the speed and quality of their decision making.

Managers can access these live dashboards anywhere, at any time, using any web-enabled device or smartphone. This ensures that their business decisions are always based on accurate and real-time information. The dashboards enables business owners to make proactive decisions across the entire business for maximum profitability.

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