Chez Food
Bondi chef Murilo Fagundes

With restaurants and cafes around the country closing or turning to takeaway only, and chefs out of work, many are scrambling to adapt and create an online presence. 

Leading APAC software firm Appello and Bondi chef Murilo Fagundes have just launched the app Chez Food to create an online marketplace for high quality, excess food (fresh produce as well as prepared meals) at discounted prices (up to 70 per cent); which restaurants, cafes, bakeries, grocers and even home chefs can easily use now when they need it most. 

It was initially developed to help reduce food wastage, but now it is an extra platform to help them to try and survive COVID-19’s dark economic shadow.

Appello founder Cameron Woodford said he is seeing a huge spike in demand for software developers as businesses switch to online, and established companies seek to make their digital presence more user-friendly. He says never before has an online presence been more important with so many self-isolating at home… the internet is the only window to the outside world. 

Blanca alumni and Chez Food founder Murilo Fagundes said he hopes his marketplace will help small business survive as well as reduce Australian food wastage, which is a massive issue with one third of food produced globally going to waste according to the Food and Agriculture Organization of the United Nations.


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