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Tablet-based hospitality POS coupled with Kitchen Display Systems (KDS) are becoming the preferred ordering model for modern venues.

Unique features

KDS is built-in to the software. Any tablet, computer screen or smart TV can be used to display order status. Check-boxes synchronise across all stations to inform staff. Category selection is done on a per device basis allowing staff to view what they require. The ‘virtual ticket spike’ allows staff to scroll through the entire order history and replicates the paper spike. Ross Orr, developer/director of SplitAbility, has noticed a marked increase in the switch to bump screens as businesses move to the modern approach.

Fixed cost: multiple devices/all platforms

Add as many devices as you need; the $60-month plan covers the entire site for registers, tablets, KDS, smartphones and smart TVs. The product has a suite of built-in functions, such as online order-ahead ‘’, takeaway maps, table management and more.

Bill splitting

By allowing multiple totals on a single order, splitting bills is as easy as touching the item and assigning to a name. Both upfront and retrospective splitting is supported. Direct payment integration means the app can run natively on payment platforms such as ANZ’s BladePay or CBA’s Albert that use Android OS.

Menu changes

Agile venues change their offerings daily. This is achieved by simply editing an online spreadsheet. SplitAbility is authorised by Google to access ‘Drive’ and ‘Sheets’. Categories, button graphics, prices or colours can by changed and propagate to all devices.

Using data network

This cloud-based system seamlessly switches to the mobile data network if required, allowing recovery from wi-fi black spots.

Uptime and support

With a 100% uptime record over six years, SplitAbility is unmatched for service availability with 24/7 phone access to a system expert.

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  1. We’ve just released a new feature for our Smart KDS that enables staff to clear checked items individually.
    This reduces the size of the ticket as items are served and is handy for larger orders such as groups.


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