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With 16 languages on offer, the free Menulator app lets guests understand their menu instantly

Paul Glen was dining in a restaurant in far north Italy where the main language spoken was German, then an Italian dialect. “English didn’t even get a look-in,” he says. The following year, he experienced a similar situation at a Hong Kong diner, where he couldn’t make head or tail of the menu. Right then, Glen had a lightbulb moment and spotted a gap in the market.

He realised that virtually every restaurant has a computer so there was no reason why he couldn’t develop an app that translates their menus. Using his restaurant business background and joining with a computer developer, he spent 18 months creating Menulator.

Mind your language

Launched last year, Menulator instantly translates a menu into 16 languages. Restaurants and cafes around the country have joined this free app. “It’s mainly for restaurants in tourist areas,” explains Glen. “Mind you, tourists are travelling all around the country these days.”

The size, style and cuisine make no difference to the app. If a customer can’t understand a menu, then Menulator will improve the business by showing them what’s on offer. The languages on this translation service include Chinese, Spanish, Japanese, German, Thai and more.

Paul Glen, founder of Menulator app

How does it work?

So, how do you get your menu translated and how does a customer read this translation? The restaurateur visits the Menulator website and follows prompts to ‘Create Restaurant Account’. Originally, the restaurant manager had to key in their own menu online.

“Now, Menulator can enter this information for a busy restaurateur. When a restaurant comes on board, they just need to contact me and we will upload their menu for them.” This means that the restaurant owner can simply add daily specials, update seasonal menus, list new cocktails, or more. “The restaurateur can do that themselves—it’s very easy,” says Glen.

Once a customer has downloaded the free app onto their device, they click on a chosen restaurant and see the menu in their own language.

Advanced option

Glen recently released an advanced option—Menulator Pro. “If the restaurateur has an iPad, they can lock off their own menu onto that device in the customer’s language. By finding out the customer’s language, the menu can be offered on the iPad in their home language. Every dish has an English subtitle so everybody knows what they’re talking about.”

Another handy option for non-English speaking diners is that Menulator will show the nearest dining establishment that uses the app. “They can be sitting at a hotel, casino or pub and search for the nearest steak restaurant,” explains Glen. “Menulator will show what is nearby and display the menu in their own language. They can look at the menu on their device and be ready to order. It’s that simple.”

For more details, visit To download the app, go to the Apple Store or Google Play. Or contact Paul at or 0418 352 416 with your restaurant’s name, address, phone number and menu. He’ll convert your menu into the Menulator app with a password. 


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