celebrity chef dinner
TAFE NSW graduate and renowned chef Chris Thornton

TAFE NSW Nowra students will be working alongside one of the masters of the hospitality industry on 19 November for the 17th TAFE NSW Celebrity Chef Dinner.

TAFE NSW graduate and renowned chef Chris Thornton has worked at Michelin Star restaurant The Ledbury in London and has earned his place among industry greats having secured a Chef’s Hat for seven consecutive years at his Newcastle restaurant, Restaurant Mason.

Commercial cookery, hospitality and events students will spend two days in the commercial kitchens and training restaurant at TAFE NSW Nowra with Thornton, creating a dining experience to highlight their skills as well as the flavour of local produce.

It will be a double delight for local foodies with Netflix series The Chef’s Line Indigenous celebrity chef, Mark Olive, emceeing the night.

The annual degustation dinner exposes the second-year apprentices to the pressure of a high-end kitchen, serving more than 1000 dishes in one sitting. The event also gives students an opportunity to gain practical skills and work experience as they cook under the direction of one of the nation’s top chefs.

“I’ve heard good things about the dinner from other chefs,” Thornton said.  

“It’s important for us to highlight to people that this is a very fulfilling industry to work in.

“I can cook at a high level, enjoy my profession and have a social life—I hope to show them that. I’m trying to do as much as I can to encourage TAFE NSW students to stay in this industry and progress in their careers.”

Tickets to the Celebrity Chef Dinner can be booked by phoning Amanda Maynard on 4421 9848 or emailing amanda.maynard1@tafensw.edu.au.



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