saucesThe Aussie food scene is a fickle pickle—seriously, pickles are very on trend right now. At any moment a new food could appear on the scene and take our stomachs by storm. Just like Seinfeld’s sun-dried tomato, we could be asking ourselves “Where were they five years ago? It just goes to show you. You never know what could happen to a vegetable. It could just take right off at any time.”

The sun-dried tomato has definitely seen its day sail by (not that they aren’t still delicious), along with Kale and the raw food movement. Here, we cover what 2015 did best and what you should be looking to pick up on in 2016.


Even though the year is over it doesn’t mean these trends should be tossed.

Artisan chocolate: who could say ‘no’ to making chocolate better than ever? Now people just want to know more about their product.

Dukkah: keep rubbing this tasty spice blend on your meat or serve it with olive oil and bread.

The espresso martini: definitely a worthwhile addition to any cocktail list. Kayla Blackmore-Jones, The Grocer Group’s retail product manager, told Huffpost Australia, “they were enjoyed by both men and women, equally, after 5pm,” making them easy money in the bank.


This is going to be the year for healthy and hearty vegetarian/vegan. People want more insight into where their meat is coming from, so keep your diners informed but prepare to meet more guests that are eschewing it altogether.

Blackmore said “we can thank Yotam Ottolenghi in part for this—Australians are loving his vegetable-based main-course recipes.”

Aussies still can’t get enough of burgers, fried chicken and racks of ribs. This year, keep the theme fresh with house-made sauces and slaws.

Specialty alcohol is on the horizon. Blackmore said “this draws on the desire to know where our products come from. The terms ‘small batch,’ ‘single origin’ and ‘artisan’ will certainly still be buzzing about in 2016!”


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