Cadbury and Peters
Crunchie Ice Cream Bar

Two iconic brands, PETERS and CADBURY, have joined forces to launch an exciting new range of products.

This is the first time the two brands have collaborated and will see two big launches come to ice cream freezers in Australia this year, in the lead-up to summer.

Out now, the first range release is inspired by the classic chocolate bars PICNIC and CRUNCHIE as well as the all-time favourite, FREDDO Frog.

Launching this month, the second range release will include 1.2 litre CADBURY tubs in five flavours.

“We worked closely with the team at CADBURY to bring the real taste of CADBURY to the freezer,” Peters head of Marketing Andrea Hamori said.

“We wanted to create delicious products that taste like the iconic flavours Aussies know and love, and in a size that’s perfect for sharing with family and friends. We’re excited to be able to release these just in time for the warmer months.”


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