mediterranean cuisine
Anchor Extra Yield Culinary Cream takes the time and trouble out of pasta sauce.

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LOOKING TO ENHANCE your menu with some Mediterranean flavours and stylings? One easy way to do this is with pasta dishes.

Not only are they relatively inexpensive and simple to prepare, but with a little care and discernment in your choice of ingredients they’re sure to present attractively – which in this age of social media is more important than ever in generating repeat business and customer goodwill.

And by using Anchor Extra Yield Culinary Cream from Fonterra Foodservice, you can take the time and trouble out of pasta sauce preparation.

Using conventional cream to make pasta sauce can be quite problematic – in high temperatures and acidic environments, its composition can break down leading to splitting, curdling and separation.

But Anchor Extra Yield Culinary Cream won’t split or separate under high temperature, and adding ingredients like white wine or lemon juice is no problem.

And because it’s pre-reduced, Anchor Extra Yield reaches coating consistency far quicker than conventional cream, enabling you to prepare your sauce faster without the need for an extended observation period.

When serving pasta on the menu, pizza is the natural complement to also offer your customers.

mediterranean cuisine
Perfect Italiano Mozzarella is the pizzamaker’s cheese of choice.

Fonterra Foodservice’s Perfect Italiano Mozzarella has long been regarded as the pizzamaker’s cheese of choice – providing excellent coverage, great stretch and mild taste which will complement your other toppings without overpowering them. Or if you’re wanting a stronger cheese flavour than regular mozzarella, use Perfect Italiano Pizza Plus – developed specifically for pizzamakers.

For those pizza businesses whose ovens are consistently running at high temperatures, Fonterra has developed Perfect Italiano Ultra – designed to perform under rigorous conditions while still delivering the key qualities of minimal oil-off, even melt and consistent browning and blistering.

To further evoke the authentic flavours of Mwediterranean cuisine, you can add different cheese styles to your toppings, delivering distinctive textures and flavour combinations.

A sprinkling of Perfect Italiano Parmesan over pizza will add a distinctive finishing touch and can also be used to enhance your pasta dishes. Another versatile cheese choice is Perfect Italiano Ricotta, which is ideal for use with pasta, savoury pizza and even sweet dessert pizzas.

Perfect Italiano cheeses are available in a variety of formats to suit your requirements – such as Traditional Mozzarella in Shred and Block; Ultra and Pizza Plus in Shred; Parmesan in Block, Shred, Shaved and Grated; and Ricotta in convenient tub format.

For information on the extensive Fonterra Foodservice range visit fonterrafoodservices. And stay up to date with the world of pizza, pasta and Italian style cuisine by visiting 


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