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One word you hear over and over from restaurateurs is ‘passion’: there are few industries that beat hospitality for the sheer passion it brings up in its people.

Nowadays, however, many operators are feeling squeezed by rising operating costs—particularly in the kitchen. The price of butter alone has increased by more than 50 per cent over the last 12 months. In order to remain focused on the things they’re passionate about, restaurateurs need to keep ahead of costs.

“Shef vegetable shortening offers restaurateurs a high-quality alternative to clarified butter at a fraction of the price. Shef is made from 100 per cent vegetable shortening with natural colours and flavours, delivering a natural butter flavour.  And it’s easier to use than butter thanks to its soft texture, and can be stored at ambient temperatures in the convenient 10kg pail,” says Cheryl Lauk, marketing manager for Peerless Foods.

Vegetable shortening performs just like clarified butter, says Lauk. Clarified butter is butter that has been rendered so that its water content evaporates and milk solids separate, to be skimmed off. “With Shef, this has already been done for you, so your staff don’t have to spend their time clarifying butter,” explains Lauk.Shef Shortening does not spatter when frying and, with its high smoke point, is less likely to burn than comparable products

Additionally, since it’s made entirely from vegetable shortening, Shef is vegan and Halal-certified, making it ideal for your customers’ diverse needs.

“Pura Shef is a highly versatile option to ghee and can be used for sauces such as hollandaise and béarnaise, marinades and is ideal for filo pasty, baking, Indian and Greek cooking,” says Lauk. “It has also been specifically developed and tested for pan and griddle frying.”

By helping you save time and money in the kitchen, Pura Shef lets you get back to focusing on the passion that got you into this business in the first place.

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alternative to butterButterscotch sauce


100ml Shef Butter Replacer

100g soft brown sugar

200ml cream

1 tsp vanilla extract


Simmer all ingredients together for 8-10 minutes. Mixture will thicken as it cools—a few seconds in the microwave will bring it to pouring consistency. Serve with hot puddings, on ice cream with berries and mint, or in banana and butterscotch filled pastry cases. Makes approximately 1½ – 2 cups of sauce.


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