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When fitting out a restaurant or cafe, it’s important to consider your venue’s technological infrastructure. That’s why CCP Technologies Limited (ASX:CT1) is on hand…

CCP attracts high-profile customers to its Internet of Things (IoT) platform with its clear value proposition. It offers a simple low-cost way for businesses to monitor refrigeration temperature, humidity and other critical control points.

Michael White, CEO of CCP, says, “In addition to automated temperature record-keeping for food safety compliance and notifications of refrigeration failure, customers use CCP’s business intelligence platform to reduce refrigeration energy and maintenance costs. The benefits continue to accrue when humidity, pH and dissolved oxygen and other critical control points are also captured by our IoT Smart Tags.”

Having secured numerous cafes, restaurants, casinos, hotels and registered clubs, CCP recently announced the Criniti’s restaurant chain as its latest customer. Group executive chef John McFaddern says, “I had used CCP technology in a previous role, and without it, we could have lost thousands of dollars of food. It’s a great return on investment. I’m now introducing CCP’s temperature monitoring solution across Criniti’s chain to strengthen food safety and reduce business risk.”

In the food businesses, refrigeration systems are mission critical. While food safety is a very high priority, there’s an increasing focus on optimising refrigeration performance and reducing energy costs.

“Energy costs in the cold chain are a key influencer of profitability,” says White. “Studies estimate that 15% of the world’s electricity is used for the refrigeration of food, and that for an average US grocery store, over 50% of its energy costs are directly associated with refrigeration. That’s why CCP is rolling out energy monitoring on its platform. Monitoring and interpreting data in real time empowers people to make better business decisions.”

When referencing CCP, acclaimed executive chef Paul Rifkin says, CCP “is the best I have ever used”.

monitor refrigeration temperatureThe company now offers more than just monitoring solutions, with shipment and Blockchain applications being added to its product portfolio. White says, “A report from the Business Continuity Institute on Supply Chain Resilience (2017) found from a survey of 408 organisations that 65% experience supply chain disruptions, 69% do not have visibility of their supply chains and 41% still use Excel spreadsheets to keep track of supply chain disruptions. Blockchain offers tremendous potential to improve the integrity and efficiency of food supply chains.”

When used in combination with IoT sensors, Blockchain can provide participants with unprecedented visibility into complex cold chains.

Blockchain also enables the parties to establish prearranged ‘smart contracts’ to establish the agreed rules for all supply chain participants. Accurate and reliable monitoring underpins compliance and validates performance.

“There’s a convergence of Cloud, IoT, Blockchain, Machine Learning and Artificial Intelligence solutions that will transform commerce,” says White. “Smart contracts will leverage these technologies to deliver through-chain benefits. CCP is building strategic industry relationships to advance practical applications for the food industry.”

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