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According to recent consumer research, digital interactions are important in ensuring customers feel comfortable dining out. 40% of consumers surveyed in the US and 39% in the UK said they would feel safer if they could view the menu from their mobile device, while 35% in the US versus 31% in the UK would like to be able to pay in the same manner.

The pace of digital transformation has been steady across the hospitality industry, and like many industries, adopting a digital-first technology strategy has become the number one priority. Many restaurants that don’t have agile platforms are stitching together customizations on legacy POS systems to expand online sales and delivery services at the expense of efficiency, cashflow, and never-ending maintenance. On top of that, particularly for independent operators, their mobile technology tends to be consumer grade requiring an annual replacement and additional capital cost.

It’s critical to free up capital, increase efficiency, and give associates the right tools for the job: technology that’s flexible and purpose-built for the restaurant environment. We’ve created an offer for the industry, One for One, which satisfies both. Here’s how it works:

One for One: Upgrade to Oracle MICROS Simphony POS, and Get a New Workstation for $1

Our One for One initiative enables restaurateurs to eliminate what is typically a large capital expense and simultaneously upgrade their operations for maximum efficiency. For each Oracle MICROS Simphony POS  subscription, customers can replace their existing workstation or tablet with Oracle MICROS hardware for one dollar.

Workstations Designed for Restaurants

Workstation 6 Series: best for fast casual and counter-service  

Our flagship POS terminal, the iconic Oracle MICROS Workstation 6 is purpose-built for the restaurant environment. Featuring the processing power, payment capabilities, and durability restaurants need to deliver a flawless customer experience, it’s the preferred choice for high-volume concession stands and quick service restaurants. Additional peripherals such as kiosk stands, receipt printers, and payment processing devices are also available.    

Workstation 3 and Tablet 700 Series: best for flexible, mobile concepts

Our extremely durable 10-inch portable Workstation 3 outlasts consumer-grade devices at high-volume, remote locations like sun-soaked patios, food trucks and pop-up restaurants where conditions are rough and electrical outlets are out of reach. For restauranteurs seeking a smaller form factor but equal durability, our 7-inch LED-backlit touchscreen tablet is a favorite choice. The Tablet 700 series features hot-swappable 8-hour batteries for uninterrupted service, integrated Wi-Fi, and mobile reporting giving managers real-time access to table management, inventory, sales, and employee data in the palm of their hand.

How to Take Advantage of Our One for One Offer

It’s simple. With every subscription to Oracle MICRO Simphony POS, you get a workstation of your choice for $1. Our product experts are standing by to help create a package that’s right for your business. Get in touch and we can help you calculate your total cost of ownership so you can make an informed decision quickly.

Reach us by phone: AU: 1300 366 386 | chat | or request a call back.  


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