In-venue contact tracing is an important insurance policy for both the country and our industry but as with everything Covid-19 has thrown our way the use of a guest register for contact tracing, while extremely important, also comes with significant risk if it is not implemented correctly.

 A solid network of in-venue contact tracing will enable health authorities to contact people more quickly and effectively should someone with the virus enter one of our venues. Ensuring that any cluster outbreaks can be quickly identified and managed is an important step in avoiding a return to the lockdown restrictions that have been so devastating for our industry. 

We understand a guest register is one more thing venues have to worry about and train their teams to supervise but we hope that an entire industry approach will improve the chances of measures being relaxed which should allow more patrons to support your businesses.

Choosing Pen and Paper registration

While at the outset a Pen and Paper register appeared the simplest solution for ensuring a venue is compliant, this option brings a significant privacy risk for customers and even more so a breach of privacy laws by your venue leading to subsequent reputational damage.

This is already being seen in other countries where the industry has opted to a Pen and Paper guest register (with a larger volume of customers than any of our State regulations allow). Yet it wasn’t until making front page news, when a staff member breached the privacy laws by contacting and harassing a customer, that most venues swiftly opted for a safer and more efficient digital solution.

The potential issues have also been laid out by the Australian national media.

Choosing the GuestHQ mobile check-in system

After researching the most effective way for you to manage your compliance requirements and ensure the privacy of your customers we have chosen to work with the GuestHQ mobile check-in system.

We consider it is not only the quickest and easiest system to implement but it will also ensure customers can access your venue as quickly as possible once patron numbers begin to increase. Pen and Paper, on the other hand, can create a bottle neck once you start attracting a significant number of customers.

GuestHQ has gained experience in Australia, New Zealand and the UK in working with businesses and customers to achieve both rapid check-In and an assurance that all compliance measures are met. 

Once you sign up to GuestHQ it provides your business with a QR code and signage to explain check-In to customers, along with staff training videos and documentation. They manage the data to a best practice standard meaning it is fully encrypted, always remains in Australia and is only ever viewed by the relevant health authority if ever required for contact tracing purposes.

We are hopeful that as an industry we can work towards standardising the check-In and contact tracing system to give us the best chance to return to normal trading conditions in the future.

Find out more about GuestHQ here. Special RCA members discount available.

View a quick video on how easy mobile Guest Check In can be for you and your staff.


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