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Australia’s cravings for sweet pancake offerings extends beyond breakfast

Pancakes are back in a big way. No longer just the Sunday morning tradition with the family, pancakes are popping up on menus across the country—but not just for breakfast.

With their versatility, pancakes represent an opportunity for chefs to get creative with desserts.

Pancakes are the perfect way to deliver a range of dessert flavours while keeping costs low. Particularly when using pre-made pancakes, restaurants are able to save time and money while keeping customers happy and coming back for more.

Golden Pancakes are the perfect start to decadent desserts that are sweet and satisfying yet convenient for busy kitchens to prepare.

Golden Pancakes are part of the Tip Top Foodservice’s Frozen Bakery range, which foodservice outlets can order through local distributors. Delivered frozen, Golden Pancakes have four months’ frozen shelf-life and come in individual packs of six pancakes, with five packs per carton—easy for smaller foodservice outlets to store and manage.

Some of Golden Pancakes’ most creative dessert offerings: 

  •  The pancake cake:

Several pancakes stacked with fondant in-between and frosted like a real cake.

  • The death by chocolate:

Pancakes topped with chocolate ice-cream, fudge brownie and drizzled with chocolate fudge sauce

  • The pancake lasagne:

A sweet version of the savoury favourite with poached fruit between layers of pancakes and white chocolate.

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Caramelised maple banana pancakes with strawberries and walnuts

6 Golden Pancakes

2 large bananas, cut

lengthways and halved

1 cup maple syrup

30g butter

½ punnet strawberries,

hulled and quartered

½ cup walnuts

½ cup double cream


  • Over a medium heat in a heavy-based frying pan, toast the walnuts for 3-5 minutes, remove and set aside.
  • Melt butter in the pan until lightly foaming. Fry the bananas flat-side down for 2-3 minutes until they begin to brown.
  • Add half the maple syrup and reduce until bubbles start to form.
  • Heat each pancake in a microwave, sandwich press or oven until warm.
  • Stack pancakes in the centre of each plate, top with caramelised bananas, drizzle with reduced maple syrup, scatter with fresh strawberries and toasted walnuts.
  • Drizzle with the remaining maple syrup and serve with double cream.


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