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If 80% of your business comes from 20% of your customers, do you know who these customers are, and do you reward them for their loyalty?

Triniteq is a leading hospitality business systems supplier, providing the tools necessary to understand and communicate with your customers in the digital age.

How to personalise

Collect customer data at every opportunity and use the data to personalise each interaction. Add customer preferences at your POS, such as their favourite table, and delight your customers with personalised service.

Deepen relationships

Increase long-term profitability by learning about your customers and staying in touch to keep your business top of their mind. Our ultimate package—point of sale with online customer experience tools—allows you to get creative and design loyalty programs that work for your customers and your business. Choose from points, membership levels and discounts, and use the data collected to reward your VIP customers with invitations to exclusive events and promotions.

Collect feedback

Customer feedback helps to improve your business, identify opportunities and gives you the chance to turn an average experience into a positive one. Using Triniteq systems, sign customers up to your membership program and then request their feedback by email after any transaction to gauge your business performance and increase the level of customer engagement.

“We chose Triniteq due to its comprehensive reporting capabilities, extensive system features, and excellent support,” says Craig Kimber, director of The Wild Fig in Scarborough, WA. “By installing Triniteq, we reduced labour costs by identifying peak periods and targeting labour accordingly. We’ve increased revenue by using the loyalty platform and tracking sales to measure our customer engagement strategies.”

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