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B+S’s Black Series and Verro fusion range was installed at 8 On The Point.

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Caterlink puts B+S Commercial Kitchen Equipment behind Perth’s best Asian cuisine 

There is a growing market for authentic Asian cuisine in Australia, driven by a rising appreciation of its varied forms and increasing numbers of people born overseas who want to taste the food of home. Once starved for choice, Perth now has a plethora of eateries—from Vietnamese, Japanese, Indonesian, Filipino and Thai to dim sum and regionally-specific Chinese restaurants. B+S has the right equipment for all these varied restaurants to cook their cuisine to the highest possible standards.

Two examples of these in Perth, at the opposite ends of the scale, are 8 On The Point and Lepak Kopitiam, both designed and fitted out by Caterlink.

Upmarket 8 On The Point vies with Silks at Crown to serve arguably Perth’s premium dim sum, driven by visitors from China and Singapore expecting dim sum made from the best quality ingredients. Sourcing local fresh ingredients such as crayfish, snow crab and live WA abalone—all on display in their seafood tanks— 8 On The Point serves dim sum during the day and an à la carte menu of Cantonese cuisine in the evening.

Lepak Kopitiam in Victoria Park, on the other hand, is a down-to-earth coffee shop serving Malaysian comfort food such as Penang laksa and mee rebus for homesick Malaysians or adventurous locals looking for something a little different. 

commercial kitchen equipment
Caterlink installed the new Verro fusion range at Lepak Kopitiam.

Both eateries wanted to create authentic flavours and textures in dishes in an efficient manner so Caterlink recommended the B+S and Verro ranges. 

8 On The Point installed equipment from the B+S Black Series and K+ ranges, including yum cha steamers for delicacies such as seafood sui mai and BBQ pork buns; stock pot cookers for savoury rice porridge; and woks for fried rice or wok fried egg noodles Fujian-style. B+S’s Verro range of griddle and stove combis have proven ideal for preparing Portuguese egg tarts, while its deep-fryer cooks prawn dumplings to perfection. Verro’s state-of-the-art char grill produces sumptuous crispy skin roast pork and roast duck. Investing in such long-lasting, heavy-duty equipment has proved simple value for money.

In the Lepak Kopitiam kitchen, Caterlink installed double woks from the B+S range for stir-fry noodles, a fryer, six-burner cooktops, a noodle cooker, stock pot for noodle soups and a yum cha steamer for sticky rice. Malaysian foodies come from all over Perth for their hokkien mee, Assam laksa and other tastes of the Straits.  

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B+S’s new Verro fusion range of commercial kitchen equipment was inspired by Australia’s cultural and food diversity, It is the first of its type in the Australian market where Asian and European lines have been integrated to offer a comprehensive premium range. It uses only the best in Australian, German and Italian innovation. Its many configurations and combination possibilities give operators fantastic flexibility for their operational requirements.


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