Vic’s Meat makes a major move as they continue to lead the meat industry in Australia.  

They have announced a new online channel, Vic’s Meat Wholesale Marketplace. The launch of this new extension of the business comes off the back of the success of their B2C online store, Vic’s Meat Direct.  

Vic’s Meat Wholesale Marketplace is a B2B online platform providing the foodservice industry significant savings for high volume purchases.

Speaking on about this exciting new direction for Australia’s leading meat wholesaler, Group CEO Anthony Puharich said: 

“We have amazing relationships with the best restaurants in Australia, and this online marketplace will provide businesses access to the upper echelon of meat brands, farmers and producers in Australia. They will be able to purchase in bulk on a dedicated platform to enjoy our premium products at highly competitive prices.” 

“Our first move into the ever-growing e-commerce sector with Vic’s Meat Direct last year brought major success to our family business, and I’m excited about the growth of our online offering in 2021 and beyond with this new online channel.” 

Vic’s Meat Wholesale Marketplace aims to simplify the traditional wholesale processes in the meat industry. The platform will be available for 24 hours, 7 days week, which allows foodservice customers to make purchases at their own convenience across NSW, ACT and Victoria.  

Foodservice customers will be required to create an account and make payments upfront to enjoy the benefits of this new offering.

After 25 years of success in the meat industry, Vic’s Meat show no signs of slowing down as they continue to innovative in order to provide an omni-channel platform providing businesses and customers a best-in-class seamless shopping experience.  


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