Katrina runs a cafe in Mount Isa.  When COVID restrictions placed more financial and emotional stress on the hospitality industry she questioned whether to, “close the doors and just walk away?”. 

Before throwing in the towel, Katrina turned to Foodie Coaches for help. Since joining Foodie Coaches 1 year ago, Katrina has seen and implemented changes to better her venue. “I am completely, 100 percent, out of debt, within less than 12 months”. It began with the Foodie Crew  suggesting the  possibility of dropping her food cost by 5 percent, and anything else within her control, “that could potentially turn [her] business around”. For Katrina, joining Foodie Coaches “was the best decision [she] ever made in [her] business”.

Members have credited their survival doing COVID to joining the Foodie Coaches community. Foodie Coaches has helped hundreds of venue owners become debt free and create strong business foundations. Through workshops, elite member meetings, cost and marketing strategies, Foodie Coaches are supporting both Australian and international hospitality businesses. 

“You don’t realise the impact you make until you are face to face with our members, hearing their stories, seeing the difference we have made,” says Tim Kummerfeld, founder of Foodie Coaches.

Another Elite Mastermind member profiting from Foodie Coach’s expertise is Joey, who owns multiple venues within Queensland’s Sunshine Coast region. Joey has been with Foodie Coaches since the very start. Joey originally joined because despite making a substantial turnover, he was losing “more money – the bigger they were”. Fast-forward 20 months later and with the help of Foodie Coaches, Joey has managed to pay off his loan for a new venue. Joey emphasises that “it’s the one-percenters that turn it from breaking even to making money and being successful”. He states how with the help of the coaches within Foodie Coaches he’s managed to create a successful foundation for all his venues. 

Sharing the common goal to increase the knowledge, expertise and success of hospitality professionals and the greater hospitality industry, Foodie Coaches is running a monthly mentoring series webinar for R&CA members. 

Attend Episode 2, The Business Audit Workshop on 21st June to learn a new, fun and quick way to check the health of your business while learning strategies from Foodie Coaches and other venue owners. Never before have the Foodie Coaches team shared the powerful models used within the Elite Mastermind program with other venue owners – until now. 

FREE for R&CA Members and Foodie Coaches Members

$50.00 plus GST for Non-Members.


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